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When I joined Lyn's class I hadn't practiced yoga before. I was quite nervous and self-conscious. There was no need to worry as Lyn's style of teaching is gentle, calming and non-judgemental. Two years later l am still learning and enjoying every moment. I'm much more flexible and always looking forward to the next lesson.


Sue, Kingsthorpe Class, Monday 6pm


Lyn's warm serenity communicates itself to the class and I always leave feeling calm, energised and ready to face the day. She allows her students to work at our own level but also encourages us to stretch ourselves in both senses of the word. I would recommend her Monday morning class for people who want to maintain and improve flexibility and mobility

Trudie, Duston Class, Monday 9.30am


I love my Gentle Yoga class.  It gives me a sense that I'm doing my body (and mind) some good and I always leave feeling relaxed and ready to start the day, in a positive way.

Bev, Duston Class, Monday 9.30am


"Lyn's yoga sessions never fail to leave me de-stressed and relaxed; her attitude is unfailingly positive and this shines through her work so that you always feel you have achieved something regardless of your ability."

Andie, Northampton High School, Monday 8pm

"I have been sharing Lyn's yoga group in Kingsthorpe for over two years now. I am surprised and delighted by the benefit to my body and mind that yoga has given me. I am grateful to yogini Lyn, our graceful guide, for making this an activity I look forward to each week."

Colin, Kingsthorpe Class, Monday 6pm


After trying yoga on and off for a few years I never quite felt at place in a class until I started with Lyn. I'm not the bendiest person and Lyn adapts the class to suit everyone's needs, I look forward to my Monday mornings and our lovely group. I love yoga now more than ever and I'm so pleased it’s a regular part of my life again, thank you Lyn! :)

Amy, Duston Class, Monday 9.30am


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Yoga, Meditation and Weight Consultant