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Useful Information


Yoga is for everyone, men/ women, any age, current level of fitness or ability.  If you are new to yoga then I recommend one of my gentle classes on a Monday morning or Wed afternoon, however, the Hatha classes are suitable for everyone and poses are often demonstrated in levels – so you can take it as far as you’re comfortable with. 

The great thing about yoga is that is doesn’t require any investment to get started.  I always have a few spare mats if you want to borrow one until you invest in your own.  I recommend you bring a blanket and wear comfortable clothes – and come with an open mind and ready to feel great.

No pre-booking required.  All ‘pay as you go’ classes 


What to expect in Lyn’s Yoga Classes:

A warm welcome and non-intimidating environment

Clear instruction with variations/modifications to suit your ability/health

Fun, variety and structured classes

A sense of well-being and peace

To feel energised, challenged as well as relaxed


WARNING:  Yoga has been known to cause health and happiness!


Lyn Eborall trading as Smile Lifestyle
Yoga, Meditation and Weight Consultant